At-Home Fitness Products

We only recommend at-home fitness products that we trust and use ourselves!


Whether in the gym or at home, we love the TRX!

This particular one comes with a wall mount. We find the angles work much better when it is mounted on the wall versus the ceiling.

Door Anchor

  • If your door opens into the bedroom, you would want to stand in the hall to exercise.
  • Do not pull the door open while you are using your bands!
  • If your door has a tight fit, the anchor might not close properly in the door.
  • All that being said — most of our Zoom clients choose the door anchor if they don’t have a dedicated area for exercise.
  • The door anchor is slightly less intrusive than the band station.

Band Station

This product can dictate the layout of your room:

  • They must be installed into a stud.
  • They come in 3 sections which can be separated and used in 3 locations (if you have a second home or can split the cost with a friend!)
  • If you have multiple people working out at home, you can set the section to different heights — that way, everyone has their own band station!


Versa Bands — Padded Handles

We only use and recommend the padded handle bands for several reasons:

• They have a wider grip area than plastic handles making it easier for anyone with arthritis, carpal tunnel, or grip strength issues to hold.

• The foam handle makes it easier to use with a more relaxed grip.

• Tip: If you have any hand/finger pain try keeping your thumb with your fingers while holding the handles to keep from “over gripping.”

• Green and red are the most commonly used by our clients but feel free to ask us if you aren’t sure which would be best for you.


Pilates Ring

We use these for just about everything!

Lightweight, versatile, and a nice addition to any home or travel workout.

Squeeze Ball

The squeeze balls by Sportime have a high-tactile surface, which is easy to hold and catch. They are used for hand strengthening squeeze exercises, and much more. This is the ball to choose if you need a more challenging tension and are using it for vigorous exercises. You will need a pump to blow it up. If you have a pup in the house that might pop it, make sure to get a few extras!

Gertie Ball

There are lots of imitation balls but we love the original Gertie ball. They have a slightly sticky surface so it’s a little easier to hold onto if you have gripping issues. They are also softer and therefore a lighter tension and easy to blow up (you’ll just need a straw and they even come with one). We use them for finger dexterity, grip strength, and basic strength moves.

Stability Balls

The stability ball is for balance. 

If the ball is too squishy — as many of the cheaper ones are — then it flattens easily on the floor side, leaving no balance challenges. In general, they are used more for stretching than strength or stability work.

In addition, these are burst proof and slowly deflate if punctured and withstand up to 500 pounds of pressure.


It all boils down to weight. Here is the basic equation to think about:

your weight + movement (downward kinetic force of your weight as you step on it) + any dumbbell weight 

The BOSU weight limit is 300 lb.


The BOSU Pros weight limit is 350 lbs and only a $40 dollar difference! 

We only have the Pro versions in our studios, as we just don’t want to think about what might happen. 

Green VERSA Loop

They are not only great for home but for travel too!

This tiny tool adds a lot of tension to all leg workouts.

Circuit Size Step-Up

As with the BOSUs, it all boils down to weight and space. Use the same equation:

your weight + movement (downward kinetic force of your weight as you step on it) + any dumbbell weight 

The circuit step-up weight limit is 275 lb.

Full Size Step-Up

The full-size step-up can handle up to 350 lbs.

If you have enough space to store it, we highly suggest getting the full size. 

Foam Roller

This versatile roller is not just for stretching but it’s great for posture work as well. You can use it on the wall and on the floor. This particular one is firm but not miserably hard. and lasts a long time — as long as your cat isn’t sharpening its claws on it! 

Half Roll

We use the half roll for ankle stability and mobility, improving balance, core strength, and calf and shin stretching. This roll is also resistant to moisture and bacteria.

Dumbbell Stand

We love this cute storage space saver. These are small enough to hold 2 in one hand if you need a 10 lb or any other combination.

It’s a great set to start with!

Single Dumbbells

If you just need to add to your collection or know exactly what starter weights you need, go with these single weights!

Kettlebell Set

What’s better than a kettlebell? A set of kettlebells!

This set comes with 3 different weights, just select the weights that are preferred for you.

They do come in regular black, but we love the fun colors that are available. They just brighten up the room and make the workout more enjoyable. 

Therapeutic Massage Stick

This massage stick is one of our favorite tools because it is the perfect size! At 17 inches this is considered travel size. It fits in the car easily and it’s even small enough to pack in a suitcase for traveling. 

Use it after your work out to speed up your muscle recovery time. 

The core of this stick is bendable and each spindle rotates independently in order to treat a larger area of muscle more comfortably.

Balance Pad

We love these affordable balance pads.

It just takes your balance exercises up a notch. 

32oz Bottle with Grip

We love these exercise water bottles that feature encouraging sayings on the side. Not only is it a reminder to drink your water, but it also help you keep track of how much water you’ve already drank. 

This bottle features the side grips for your fingers so it won’t slip from your hands and a straw for easy sipping. Plus it comes with the a straw cleaning brush. 

32oz Bottle with Fruit Infuser

For those of us who like to infuse our water with flavorful fruits and citrus, this bottle is a wonderful option. It comes with a filter that goes inside the bottle so that when you take sip you don’t have to worry about keeping the fruit or citrus inside. 

Plus, it comes in many colors!

Lassen Labs Products

Here are some of our favorite CBD products, we often suggest to our clients.

Lassen Labs
Oral Spray

Lassen Labs
Combo Pack

Lassen Labs
Relief Cream