Teeny-Tiny Desk Workouts

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Enhance your workout routine with fun, space-saving workouts you can do anytime of the day.


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At Park Avenue Fitness we believe that your workouts should adapt to your lifestyle.

For those of us who don’t love the gym, these workouts are ideal for you! Enhance your routine with fun, space-saving workouts you can do anytime of the day.

Meet your new workout!

Each workout is 15 minutes long and are designed for those with sedentary jobs or lifestyles. With two trainers in each the video demonstrating different variations of each movement, you can choose how hard you want to make your workout.


How it works:

Five new videos will be available each week. Every Monday there will be four exercise videos and a bonus video uploaded. The bonus videos will stay in your portal, but the exercise videos will be replaced with new ones each week.

Why is Teeny Tiny Desk Workouts for you? 

You don’t have long periods of time to workout, you feel uncomfortable taking group classes, or you don’t feel that one-on-one training is right for you, but you still need some direction.

What will you love about Teeny Tiny Desk Workouts?

It’s good for your circulation, muscle building and you’ll feel more energized! Plus it’s super fun; we make jokes, sing poorly, and laugh when we make mistakes (we’re human too!).



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