Designing Home Work-out Spaces

… Having trouble setting up your workout space?

… Think you don’t have the space for it?

Who better to design your workout space, than a trainer who specializes in Zooming home workouts?

We’re here to help!

Let’s Get Designing!

Let’s discuss your goals and your health & fitness history —

it’ll help us decide on the best equipment for your needs and space. Plus, we know how the machines work and how they should be placed in your space to maximize efficiency.

Let’s Get Designing!

We understand that you may not have a whole room to dedicate to your workouts. It may be a shared space with an office, a guest bedroom, or your living room. If you want to make your home more workout friendly, let the professionals give you a hand. We know how to store your dumbbells and resistance bands and how to insert a stationary bike or elliptical to a room that’s already full of furniture.

Let us know the space you plan to exercise in and what kinds of workouts you’ll be doing…

let us do the rest!

Let’s Get Designing!