Our Personal Training Pricing

Initial Consultation


Health status & exercise history & establish short/long term goals

25 Minute Session


For those needing a quick program change or a specific need addressed.

— Package of 8 $360

50 Minute Session


Complete workout designed to meet your specific health & fitness needs.

— Package of 8 $600

Group Training


Fun and affordable, yet still personal workout — join our 55 minute group session. Various times available.

Package of 8 $360

Private Pilates


Join us for a 50 minute class, using both mat and reformer to build strength, flexibility, coordination, & balance. Better posture, efficient movement & relief from chronic pain are some of the benefits.
— Package of 8 $600

Tai Chi/Qigong


Limit to 2 people per group, for a super focused session on breath and balance — join us for a 55 minute class.

Package of 8 $360

12 Week Nutrition Coaching

Learn the basics of nutrition and how to create a healthy diet for your life through individualized coaching and support.
This program includes:
  • One weekly nutrition foundation video lesson with corresponding worksheet tailored to your journey.
  • 15 minute weekly video call check-in to discuss lesson and nutrition guidance
  • Ongoing text message support


12 Week Package $960 — Autopay of $320 for 3 months available

All personal training, nutrition, and Tai Chi appointments are available on Zoom or other online platforms.